A couple of weeks ago I saw an issue of Shotgun News on the newsstand. Man, what a rip! Zak wasted my time and SGN's money. Ever since I first saw a fifty cal shot at 1, yards with a two inch grouping with 5 shots, the itch to own one has never ceased to be on my mind at some level. Having researched it to death, I came to the conclusion that most of us generally can't afford a. Compared to a lot of the thirty cal stuff, the.

So, here's my take on the. This is about those rifles we might actually be able to afford. At the low end of the. Let me explain a little about the next few bolt action. If you own an AR15 or clone thereof OR you go out and buy a receiver for one, there are a number of. Watsons Weapons were about the first on the scene as best as I can remember. The Watson upper bolts onto the AR lower; however, with the way the Watson deal is set up, you've got to take the pins out that separate the lower and upper receivers in order to eject each round.

This would be a real PITA in my opinion. Only, you do this each time you take a shot with the Watson's el cheapo. Watson makes a regular bolt action. Again, this is one of those uppers that bolts onto an AR 15 lower receiver. According to the article, the owner of Ligamec Corp. Quite frankly, if Marcos Ruiz would give Smith a piece of junk for evaluation in SGN - and knowing the circulation SGN gets, he's got to pretty stupid or petty in his business dealings presupposing that Zak is being accurate in what he says.

Before reading the SGN article, the Ultralite was my top choice. Now, it's ranking along the Watson "The Boss" deal. Well, I've never shot one and going on the word of a writer who I have some doubts about in the first place I'll tell you why in a moment. Here is where I began having doubts about Zak Smith's research and knowledge.

That rifle takes a three round magazine with the option of the buyer buying a ten round magazine as well. Smith, in his SGN article writes: " The ONLY issue I have is wondering how a magazine fed 50 cal can be accurate when the magazine is fed from the SIDE of the rifle, putting a lot of weight on one side of the weapon. But, on that point, I'm thinking out loud. Check 'em out at: www.

These single shot. The Barrett rifles are the bottom end of a suitable and practical field. They are capable enough to be worthy and start the small list. For a bolt action. Budget 50s typically do not meet the criteria for successful and efficient field performance.

A very high quality piece is required as to be consistently accurate and reliable at the distances the.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

My 50BMG Ligamec is killing my shoulder! Thread starter Firecore50 Start date Mar 12, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Firecore50 Private. Mar 8, 22 0 0 I know, I know, cowboy up. But it really is not enjoyable. It's a 24" barrel, and I have only shot it less that 10 times.

I need a better stock for dampening. Here it is. Any ideas? Topstrap Gunny Sergeant Belligerents. Sep 3, 1, 88 65 East side of Ohio. I know someone is gonna ask so it might as well be me. This is not my first "sniper". Great post that was. I don't know if I'd even classify it as an accurate and consisent shooter. Well, maybe, but I won't use it as such. I'd just rather shoot it and enjoy it more.

Searcher Private Belligerents. Jul 1, 75 0 0 53 Reno, Nevada.

ligamec raptor 50 bmg

On that second AR down, is that one of those bumpfire stocks?Single Shot Upper Receiver Assembly. Search site:. McCutchen Firearms' series of complete. Incorporating every benefit of the McCutchen Advantage, our uppers have been meticulously designed and manufactured with industry leading features for greater accuracy, unsurpassed user-safety, and rugged dependability to get you through the toughest situations.

All McCutchen Firearms upper receiver assemblies feature:. One-Piece Upper Receiver and Rail - Machined from a single billet of solid steel and differentially electro-induction hardened to produce the strongest and most accurate. Proprietary Firing Pin Safety - Firing pin lockout that ensures only a properly chambered round can be detonated. Ultra-Hard Firing Pin - Our firing pins are made from a proprietary alloy of steel that allows for the firing pin to be ultra strong, yet forgiving enough to be able to sustain repeated hammering.

Shooting the Bushmaster BA50

This means our firing pins do not mushroom or bend over a lifetime of abuse. Free-Floating Precision Barrel - Precision MIL-spec chambered using match-grade techniques, our barrels are also fully supported by the upper receiver and are free from the influence of forces that traditional handguards induce, leading to the most accurate barrel mounting available.

They feature a full-length Picatinny rail on the top for optics and accessories while utilizing the Keymod standard on the sides and bottom allowing our customers the highest level of customization found on any.

They are available in a single-shot or 5-round magazine-fed configuration. They are in stock and ready for you to customize today!Long-range rifle training.

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Real field shooting: real applications military, sporting, hunting. Barrett's M33 ball smoked through these two tie plates with ease; the. Here are three big. While many shooters fear the recoil of. Watsons Weapons "The Boss" uses a high-rise AR receiver and mates with any AR lower; however, the action must be broken open to reload. To load Watson's "The Boss", insert a cartridge into the bolt head and screw the bolt into the receiver.

The Burris XTR x50 mm scope has about 90 total moa of elevation, 15 moa per turn in one-fourth moa clicks. The Ligamec Ultralite 50 is a single-shot bolt-action upper which fits on a dedicated AR lower receiver. I used a Leupold 3. The Ultralite 50 was the only rifle of the three which could be shot off-hand; for fun, this shooter engages a target at about 30 yards.

The poor accuracy of the sample Ultralite 50 made making hits on even large steel targets at yards difficult. I used the Ultralite 50 as a "pick up gun" at a local three-gun match; here a shooter gets pummelled by its extreme muzzle blast.

ligamec raptor 50 bmg

The Nightforce 5. Sometimes you have to "go big.Our service and performance guarantee requires us to completely disassemble the rifle, inspect it, reassemble, and shoot for accuracy and top ammunition performance.

We run each rifle through a real live test pushing it to its limit. We consider the manufacturers claims on performance and accuracy as we test the real performance, inter workings, and capabilities of the firearm and it accessories.

We work cooperatively with all the manufactures to help them manitain and improve the performance of their big So how do we rank each brand and model of rifle? We look at the following. Bottom metal; how it fits and looks. Safety function- easy or hard and location.

Firing pin-clean and straight. Bolt lung contact percentage. Crown condition. Trigger pull and over all function. Recoil pad quality if any. NOTICE- This a dangerous section and some manufactures of rifle may not like our rating of their product but it is sincere and we are exposed to nearly all the different kind of rifles made annually. You may disagreed with our rating based on experiences you yourself have had and we sure encourage you to contact us and advise us of those experiences.

This section is always under review and will change as we gain more information. Please check often. Also know that our performance standards are very very high often far above the manufactures guarantee if any. Our opinion is only on rifles we have actually fired too so you may not find a rating on a rifle you are looking for because we have not tested one yet.

With current changes in the industry we have to list some rifles in an older version and newer version. We hope this does not confuse you. Additionally you may have had a different experience than we had had on a particular rifle too. Generally we like to have tested at least 5 rifles of a particular brand before we provide a rating.

We use a 1 through 5 rating with 5 being the best. If something specific is important we will note it. Accuracy International.The big. Through most of those years the M2 Browning machine gun was its primary platform. However, the last 30 years have seen the potential of the. And it's fair to say we're in the golden age for the big. My first experience with the. At the time, several of my shooting buddies had. Once I saw the arc from a tracer launched at a target vehicle 2, yards away, I was hooked.

There's nothing else like shooting a. Getting right to the numbers, standard. Standard FMJ ball ammunition is usually between and grains, while specialized long-range match ammunition uses heavier bullets at grains or heavier, to yield ballistic coefficient BC values just over 1.

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To understand the long-range power of the. MLR goes subsonic around 1, yards, while standard. Having enough adjustment is especially important with.

Use of these bullets stretches the supersonic flight regime to 2, to 2, yards. Wind-drift values at 1, yards are just about a third of the amount required for.

ligamec raptor 50 bmg

It holds a series of 1,yard benchrest matches around the country, which culminate in the. Shooters come from all over the country to try and shoot the smallest group at 1, yards with the big.

The appeal of the. Many shoot the.

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It's a common misconception that. These two factors together reduce the recoil to something more akin to the push from a gauge shotgun than the hard recoil you might expect from a.

However, the action must be broken open to reload with a round in the bolt head. The big muzzlebrakes work well, but they produce an extremely loud report and an area of overpressure blast.

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Once a shooter has had a visceral taste of what it's like to send a grain bullet hundreds or thousands of yards downrange and see it smash into a target, his appetite has been whetted and he must own one. If you find yourself in this position, what are your options?Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results.

Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings.

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Refine Your Search. Sort by Barrett M82A1. This brand new Barrett 82A1 is a semi-automatic rifle which fires the. It has a 29" fluted barrel and matte black finish.

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This includes 1 round magazine, b Gun : GA Sales: Price is per round Ammo can. Barrett Model M82A1. Barrett MA1. This beast has a 20 inch fluted barrel with fully chrome lined chamber and bore. It comes with a cylindr Time Left: 2 days 15 hours 13 minutes. New in Box, never Fired! Includes 4 magazines!

ligamec raptor 50 bmg